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My First Year as a Consultant – 5 Key Lessons To Consider

  Almost a year ago, I made the bold decision to move across the country to start my career as a consultant. I always got asked the question, “So what are you going to be doing?”. I couldn’t think of a one sentence answer. In fact, even I didn’t know what I was going to […]

DevOps: Process

This article is part two of a multi-part series focused on looking at DevOps through the People, Process, Technology framework. In part one, we looked at DevOps through a people or organizational lens. While shifting to a DevOps model does require some reorganization of existing team members, the more significant change happens in the underlying […]

Cloud Integration

Introduction As cloud technology has become one of the most important modern technologies, companies and businesses choose to use it as their backbone infrastructure. Therefore, integration between systems, especially cloud hosted systems, is happening within many organizations. Building a system is complex, but integrating systems together can be even more complex. There are many considerations. […]

Solvegy Featured in Slate Magazine’s “Point of Courage” Series

Washington, DC – Slate Magazine recently interviewed Dipesh Patel, the founder of Solvegy, Inc., a management and technology consulting firm, in its new podcast series titled “Points of Courage” sponsored by Hiscox. The “Points of Courage” podcast series provides insights through conversations from remarkable business leaders who find the courage to overcome entrepreneurial challenges. Through […]

The Ample Budget Conundrum – 4 Reasons Why too much Cash Is a Problem!

As we end the year, I want to discuss a phenomenon that came up during the fourth quarter at several information technology organizations I have worked with – an abundance of cash. Either through extra funding directly allocated to an IT department or funding allocated through a PMO, many organizations found themselves entering September/October with […]