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DevOps: Process

This article is part two of a multi-part series focused on looking at DevOps through the People, Process, Technology framework. In part one, we looked at DevOps through a people or organizational lens. While shifting to a DevOps model does require some reorganization of existing team members, the more significant change happens in the underlying […]

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Cloud Integration

Introduction As cloud technology has become one of the most important modern technologies, companies and businesses choose to use it as their backbone infrastructure. Therefore, integration between systems, especially cloud hosted systems, is happening within many organizations. Building a system is complex, but integrating systems together can be even more complex. There are many considerations. […]


DevOps: People

DevOps, like many of the terms we have seen over the years in the evolution of IT, is not a new concept. The term comes from joining the words Development and Operations. In most IT organizations, one team is responsible for developing software and a separate team is responsible for supporting the operations once the […]

Building a data platform part I: 5 best practices for your data strategy

I am sure you have read the articles claiming all companies are now data or technology companies.   With the proliferation of cloud technologies and the reduced cost of storage, information is plentiful, readily accessible, and often overwhelming.  Companies have more information than they can handle.  Filtering through it all and getting to the data that […]