Program and Project Management

Solvegy Perspective

The speed of business and the proliferation of technology have changed the success factors of programs and projects. Traditionally, projects are run independently until there are many projects and then a Project Management Office (PMO) is engaged or formed. At Solvegy, we believe that a project cannot be managed in a silo. Projects impact other internal projects, affect multiple business units, and more often than not, have integration points outside of the organization. Rather than focus simply on managing a project, we focus on ensuring a project is successful by not only managing traditional scope, time, and cost metrics but also by monitoring dependencies and impacts to other projects, business units, and the operations of an organization.

ISERC™ - Inventory, Standardize, Educate, Run, Close

We have developed a proprietary methodology known as ISERC™ to help organizations achieve their full potential with their programs and projects. ISERC™ is based on observations and best practices of program and project management in more than 20 organizations. ISERC™ helps organizations with program and project integration through a defined process: Inventory, Standardize, Educate, Run, Close. Solvegy tailors ISERC™ to each client and creates a customized plan to better enable program and project integration. ISERC™ can help organizations with little or no program and project integration practices to organizations with mature PMO’s.



  • Program and Project Management
  • PMO Design and Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • PMO Evaluation Leveraging Solvegy's Proprietary ISERC™
  • Framework