Pick up the phone!

Technology helps make us more efficient than we have ever been. It allows us to end debates with our friends at a dinner table instantly – we Google the answer right then and there. Services like Spotify and Netflix allow us to no longer worry about renting movies or finding music we will enjoy – […]

Cloud Computing

Introduction To boost business effectiveness and efficiency in IT infrastructure, many companies seek solutions that provide them a better way to manage their valuable data and processes. The term “cloud computing” has become popular today due to the ultimate advantages that it could bring to business –flexibility of managing computers and infrastructure anywhere with an […]

DevOps: People

DevOps, like many of the terms we have seen over the years in the evolution of IT, is not a new concept. The term comes from joining the words Development and Operations. In most IT organizations, one team is responsible for developing software and a separate team is responsible for supporting the operations once the […]

6 Keys to Building Successful Client Relationships

At Solvegy we say we are on a RIDE with our core values. The acronym stands for Relationships, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence. In this series of articles, I will explore some of the lessons I have learned over the course of my career that have helped guide my client engagements. Each article will focus on […]

LinkedOut: Is hitting that accept button really helping anyone?

Several people over the last few weeks have told me how technology makes it easier to build a network. I believe the opposite to be true and that technology makes building an effective network more difficult than ever before. The ease of friending someone on facebook or adding a new connection on LinkedIn makes building […]