Posted by: Dipesh Patel

Shopping for Software: You will always get more than you bargain for

Enterprises often seek counsel from consultants when shopping for new software.  Consultants provide a unique outside perspective in selecting the best software to improve efficiency or optimize a process since they have visibility into dozens of organizations. I have personally worked on several software selection projects, which normally involve creating requirements, short-listing vendors, and evaluating […]

The Ample Budget Conundrum – 4 Reasons Why too much Cash Is a Problem!

As we end the year, I want to discuss a phenomenon that came up during the fourth quarter at several information technology organizations I have worked with – an abundance of cash. Either through extra funding directly allocated to an IT department or funding allocated through a PMO, many organizations found themselves entering September/October with […]

S.O. What? Things to consider with Statements of Work (SOWs)

As we enter the home stretch for the calendar year, I would like to take a moment to share some thoughts on Statements of Work (SOWs). Not because I sit around and start day dreaming about them but because many technology professionals spend much time writing them, editing them, personally reviewing them, having them reviewed […]