Posted by: Dipesh Patel

DevOps: Should you care?

Although the term DevOps originated in 2009, in 2015 it hit an all time high in popularity. Organizations of all sizes shifted focus towards DevOps so they could make the claim that they were operating a DevOps environment and thus claim they were faster to market with their releases. Sound familiar?  Think back to the following […]

Building a data platform part I: 5 best practices for your data strategy

I am sure you have read the articles claiming all companies are now data or technology companies.   With the proliferation of cloud technologies and the reduced cost of storage, information is plentiful, readily accessible, and often overwhelming.  Companies have more information than they can handle.  Filtering through it all and getting to the data that […]

Career Hack: Propel your career with almost no effort. Help anybody.

Early in my career (not early enough but that’s a different topic for a different day), I was told that networking was the key to success. Getting out there, being known for something, handing out business cards, and meeting new people were the way to work yourself to the top of the corporate ladder (a […]

The Sales Paradox

Over the last several weeks, I conducted an informal survey among business leaders in a variety of industries.  In doing so, I uncovered an interesting problem facing almost every organization:  Customers today demand more for less, even before a sale occurs. Most organizations feel prospective customers treat their products and services like a commodity.  Additionally, […]