Solvegy is a management and technology consulting firm that helps organizations realize strategic technology visions.


  • Investments in lasting relationships with our clients and communities
  • Commitments to using technology to make a positive impact
  • Unwavering support to help our clients view technology solutions through a strategic, holistic, and long-term lens

Solvegy takes pride in helping organizations strategize and design solutions by considering often overlooked implications.

Solvegy's services include IT Strategy, Program and Project Management, and Digital Solutions.


Digital Killed Don Draper

I loved Mad Men. It was a show I binge watched over the span of several weeks. Something about it resonated with me. Maybe it was the skinny ties, the fitted suits, or the fully stocked bars in corner offices. What’s not to love. Then on May 17, 2015, after seven seasons, it was suddenly […]

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My First Year as a Consultant – 5 Key Lessons To Consider

  Almost a year ago, I made the bold decision to move across the country to start my career as a consultant. I always got asked the question, “So what are you going to be doing?”. I couldn’t think of a one sentence answer. In fact, even I didn’t know what I was going to […]

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Adapting to Diversity

At Solvegy we say we are on a RIDE with our core values. The acronym stands for Relationships, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence.  In this series of articles, I explore some of the lessons I have learned over the course of my career that have helped guide my client engagements. Each article will focus on lessons […]

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